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Employment Issues

Rights in the workplace have significantly evolved and expanded in the last ten years in order to provide all workers a fair, discriminatory-free work place. As employee rights have developed, employer responsibilities have increased. The following sections provide information about major employment issues:

As there are numerous city, state and federal laws that protect individuals in the workplace, it is critical for workers and employees to know their rights and responsibilities. If you feel you have been discriminated against or harassed in the workplace, or if you are an employer who wants to learn how to prevent a lawsuit, use our online form to ask an attorney at WylieLaw your question.

Success Stories

WylieLaw has extensive experience negotiating, mediating and litigating employment cases that result in valuable settlements for our clients.

  • An IT programmer's job was terminated after she made a complaint of sexual harassment against a salesman (and also the brother-in-law of the CEO). WylieLaw settled the case during the discovery phase of litigation resulting in a sizeable payment to our client.
  • The head of a Human Resources department felt that the new corporate hierarchy would not support her after she made a complaint of sexual harassment against the top salesperson in the company. WylieLaw helped her develop and negotiate an exit strategy that included a significant amount of severance pay and immediate vesting of stock options.
  • After a graphic designer made an allegation of sexual harassment against her boss, the owner of the company, WylieLaw was retained by the company to investigate the allegations. Subsequently, WylieLaw was able to help the company avoid litigation, resolve the complaint and implement an employee handbook in order to limit future corporate liability.